Download Nvidia Inspector latest version to configure your Nvidia GPU. If you are using an Nvidia graphics card and want to optimize its performance with the best settings, then download Nvidia Inspector for Windows. This versatile tool offers a wide range of features, including the ability to overclock your Nvidia graphics card, ensuring you get the most out of your GPU.

The primary function of Nvidia Inspector is to manage the graphics settings of your Nvidia GPU. It allows you to fine-tune the parameters for each game you play on your computer, providing the perfect environment for optimal gaming experiences. Whether you’re looking to boost frame rates, reduce screen tearing, or enhance visual quality, Nvidia Inspector has you covered. Take control of your Nvidia graphics card settings and elevate your gaming performance with this powerful tool. Download it now to unlock the full potential of your GPU.

Nvidia Inspector Description

Nvidia Inspector is a versatile tool designed for configuring Nvidia graphics cards. In the world of gaming, various games demand different system resources to deliver optimal performance. Nvidia Inspector steps in to ensure that your system resources are appropriately allocated for each game you play.

Sometimes, a game may require more graphics memory than your current hardware provides. In such cases, instead of investing in a new graphics card, Nvidia Inspector offers a solution. It enables you to overclock your graphics card, effectively expanding its available memory to meet the game’s requirements.

What’s even better is that Nvidia Inspector is a freeware software compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 7. It provides gamers with a powerful tool to enhance their gaming experience by optimizing their Nvidia graphics card settings. Download Nvidia Inspector now and unlock the full potential of your GPU without the need for costly hardware upgrades.

Use Of Nvidia Inspector

The primary function of Nvidia Inspector is to facilitate GPU overclocking, a process that boosts the graphics processor’s performance to meet the demands of various applications and games. While Nvidia Inspector offers a range of other options, its core purpose remains enhancing the graphics card’s capabilities through overclocking.

For those seeking optimized performance, we’ve also shared Nvidia Inspector’s best settings. By applying these configurations, you can extract maximum performance from your graphics card, ensuring that it operates at its peak potential.

Nvidia Inspector is a freeware software compatible with Windows operating systems. With its wide array of settings and options, it grants users the flexibility to tailor their graphics card’s performance to suit their specific needs. Whether you’re gaming, designing, or performing other GPU-intensive tasks, Nvidia Inspector empowers you to create custom settings that provide the ideal environment for your applications. Download this powerful tool now and unlock the full potential of your Nvidia graphics card without the need for costly hardware upgrades.

Features Of Nvidia Inspector Latest Version

  • Fetch And Set: Fetch the graphics card details and set the best options to improve the performance.
  • Overclock: Use this small tool and overclock your graphics card to get maximum performance.
  • Best Settings: Use the Nvidia inspector best settings to get an adequate environment for all types of games.
  • Limit & Boost FPS: Easily use this feature to boost FPS or set the limit to FPS.
  • Command-Line Options: Nvidia inspector also has command-line options. By which you can configure or overclock your graphics card by providing different commands.

Nvidia Inspector File Information

App NameNVIDIA Inspector
File Size287 KB
DeveloperNVIDIA Officials
Supported OSWindows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 and Windows XP
Last UpdatedNovember 20, 2023

Download Nvidia Inspector For Windows

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Requirements For Nvidia Inspector

  • Required O.S: Windows Operating System is required. (Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 OR Windows XP).
  • Size On Disk: Minimum 300 KB Is required to download and use this tool.
  • Memory: Minimum 256 MB RAM is needed to run.
  • Graphics Card: Use Nvidia Graphics Card to get the best performance by the tool.


NVIDIA Inspector Settings
Main Window Of NVIDIA Inspector


We have provided an Nvidia inspector latest version for windows. That can help you to get the maximum performance from your graphics card. This tool is very easy to use and we have also shared the best settings tutorials for you. By using that tutorial you can easily configure your Nvidia graphics cards. This small software includes the A to Z settings of GPU. At first, It fetches the data of your installed GPU. Then provides the options to configure it.



  1. My nvidiaprofileinspector doesn’t work.
    The nvidiaInspector – fine but the nvidiaProfileInspector – No
    Do you have any solutions?

  2. Microsoft .Net Framework error upon opening inspector. Any fix for this? Value of 112 not valid for Value, Value should be between minimum and maximum

  3. I was hoping you could make a small modification to the application or let me know if it is possible to show all GPUs in the system, including those in TCC mode in addition to those in WDDM mode. Right now the application only works for WDDM mode GPU’s and so I need to use MSI Afterburner to configure TCC GPUs.

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